The Scottish Pensioners Forum fully support the following STUC initiative

October 1st People First

STUC, on behalf of a growing number of faith, equality, anti-poverty and campaign organisations has sought permission from Glasgow City Council to hold the People First march and rally on 1st October 2011.

The march is planned to go from Glasgow Green to Kelvingrove Park where thousands will assemble to hear speeches and music before attending a range of fringe events held in places of worship, student unions, public buildings and hotels in the vicinity of the park.

The event will also feature a specific initiative to raise funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal created to help those hit by famine in Africa.

Sponsoring and supporting organisations for the event will be very diverse, but have in common the aim of working together on a non-partisan basis to:

• challenge poverty levels and campaign for redistribution of wealth across Scotland and the UK

• campaign to protect those hardest hit by service and benefit cuts; and

• help to build and reconnect Scotland’s communities.

Further details of the event will appear on this site To be kept updated on developments contact