General Election Manifesto 2010

"Campaigning For A Better Deal for Older People"

We want to see a society that is based on social justice and equality for all.

We argue that older people should not be expected to pay the price of the current economic crisis.

This election must be used to campaign for and to demand the following:-


  • Immediate increase in the Basic State Pension to at least £165 per week.
  • Abolish means testing and provide all pensioners with a living pension above the official poverty level.
  • A better deal for women pensioners.
  • Restoration of index linking with wages or prices - whichever is the greater.
  • Prevent further closures of defined benefit schemes.
  • Protect public sector pension schemes.
  • Increase winter fuel allowance. End fuel poverty.


  • A properly designed and adequately funded public transport system.
  • Concessionary Travel Scheme to be valid acros Scotland. England, Wales and Northern Ireland and to access rail and ferry travel.
  • Additional funding designed to improve accessibility for older and disabled people and their carers.


  • Put an end to the undermining of our communities.
  • Recycling of waste is encouraged bearing in mind problems of older people.
  • Provide affordable energy via social tariffs from all energy suppliers.


  • Older people have the right to particiapte in bodies, which deal with their concerns, and to have their views taken into account.

Scotland's Block Grant From Westminster.

  • Maintain the current grant under the Barnett formula. Defend the NHS. Prevent public sector service cuts. Provide more help for carers.

The manifesto was launched on 26th April 2010 at the STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow.